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Here's our Vampire Survivors Wiki! Find out the supported platforms, releases, updates, and things you need to know. Become a Vampire Survivor with our guides!


Vampire Survivors Articles

Vampire-Survivors-Secret-Menu ▶ Secrets Menu: How to Unlock Secret CharactersA guide on how to use the Secrets Menu to Vampire Survivors secret characters!
Weapon-Evolution-Guide ▶ Weapon Evolution GuideA complete guide on Weapon Evolution in Vampire Survivors.
Vampire-Survivors-Mods ▶ List of Mods for Nexus and WeMod Check out Mods from Nexus and WeMods.
Games-like-Vampire-Survivors ▶ Games like Vampire SurvivorsHere are a few games that have similar gameplay, styles, or mechanics with Vampire Survivors!
List of Arcanas ▶ List of ArcanasA complete list of all Arcanas in Vampire Survivors.
Character Tier List ▶ Best Vampire Survivors Character Tier List A tier list of the best Vampire Survivors characters.
Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs ▶ Hidden Secrets and Easter EggsHere are a few hidden secrets and easter eggs in Vampire Survivors that you may have missed.
Best-Builds-to-Try ▶ Best Builds You Should TryLearn about the best builds in Vampire Survivors.
Co-op-Mode ▶ How to Play in Co-op Mode Invite a friend and learn how to play Co-op with this guide!
AFK-Gold-Farming ▶ AFK Gold Farming GuideLearn how to get more Gold in Vampire Survivors with this article!

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