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In the Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough Wiki, you will find a guide for the story progression and useful tips for your gameplay. We also provide a database of equipment and item lists, so feel free to use it as a reference when playing Ghost of Tsushima!

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Latest Information

Multiplayer Mode Confirmed!

Ghost of Tsushima DLC

It has been announced by the official PlayStation website that a multiplayer mode called Legends will be added as free additional content for Ghost of Tsushima. The details have not been revealed yet, as the multiplayer mode was not available before. Let's look forward to the upcoming announcements for more information.

Story Walkthrough Chart

Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura

Tutorial The Warrior's Code
The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa The Tale of Lady Masako
The Broken Blacksmith Blood on the Grass
The Tale of Ryuzo Hammer And The Forge
The Iron Hook Shadow of the Samurai

Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura

A New Horizon A Message in Fire
Ghosts from the Past The Walls of Yarikawa
The Coward of Yarikawa The Ghost of Yarikawa
A Reckoning in Blood The Fate of Tsushima
From the Darkness

Act 3: Kill The Khan

List of Story Walkthrough Charts

Side Story

Tales of Tsushima

Ishikawa's Tale Masako's Tale
Yuna's Tale Norio's Tale

List of Locations and Rewards for the Tales of Tsushima

Mythic Tales

List of Locations and Rewards for Mythic Tales

Strategy Guide

Beginner's Guide

Early Game Strategy for Efficient Progression Ghost of Tsushima: Combat System
How to Use Photo Mode and Take Photos Different Difficulty Levels and How to Change it
List of Trophies and Tips for Trophy Completion Controls and Recommended Settings
Guide on Standoffs and Tips Techniques and Tips for Battles
How to Increase and Recover Resolve How to Observe Mongol Leaders and Its Advantage
How to Parry and Tips How to Save and When to Save
How to Sheathe Your Sword and Other Touchpad Actions How to Obtain the "Honor the Unseen" Trophy
Playing the Flute (Shakuhachi) in Ghost of Tsushima

Useful Information

Irreversible Elements List List of Recommended Charms and How to Obtain Them
List of Mongol Camp Locations and Rewards for Clearing Them How to Raise Jin's Legend Rank and Its Benefits
Unlocking Techniques and Their Uses Wandering Musicians and Their Locations
How to Obtain the Charm of Inari and its Effects List of Golden Bird Destinations
Multiple Endings and Differences Black and White Dye Merchants
How to Obtain and Use the Grapple Hook How to Obtain “Dirge of the Fallen Forge” Trophy
How to Obtain “Cooper Clan Cosplayer” Trophy How to Obtain the Charm of Fortune and its Effects
How to Obtain the "There Can Be Only One" Trophy How to Obtain the “Have a Nice Fall” Trophy
Locations of Hidden Vanity Gears

Techniques, Skills, and Styles

Samurai Techniques and Skill Tree Types of Stances and How to Use Them
List of Ghost Weapons and Effects of Ghost Techniques Recommended Techniques List
Ghost Stance: Mechanics and Effects How to Obtain and Use the Way of the Flame
How to Learn and Use the Dance of Wrath How to Learn and Use Mythic Techniques
How to Obtain and Use Explosive Arrows Recommended Use and Effects of Kunai

Purchase Guide

Reviews and Gameplay Impressions Multiplayer mode and other features!
Differences in Editions and Bonus Information Will there be a PC version or a Switch version?
Are there any regulations in the Japanese version? When is pre-download available?
Clear Time and Replay Value Information on Updates and How to Update

Work Information

Voice Actor (Cast) List

List of Strategy Guides


Golden Summit Shrine Arrow Peak Shrine
Plum Blossom Shrine Winding Mountain Shrine
Stone Dragon Shrine Mending Rock Shrine
Spring Falls Shrine Marsh Rock Shrine
Turtle Rock Shrine Cloud Ridge Shrine
Lush Peak Shrine Hazy Cliff Shrine
Scarlet Rock Shrine Snowlit Peak Shrine
Crane Mountain Shrine Frost Cliff Shrine

List of Shrine Locations and Obtainable Charms


Efficient Farming and Use of Supplies Efficient Farming and Use of Iron
Efficient Farming and Use of Predator Hide Efficient Farming and Use of Steel
Efficient Farming and Use of Silk Efficient Farming and Use of Flowers
Efficient Farming and Use of Leather Efficient Farming and Use of Linen
Efficient Farming and Use of Bamboo Efficient Farming and Use of Yew Wood
Efficient Farming and Use of Wax Wood Efficient Farming and Use of Gold

List of Material Locations and Uses

Collectibles and Exploration Items

How to Obtain Sword Kits List of Inari Shrine (Fox Den) Locations and Rewards
List of Hot Spring Locations and Rewards List of Bamboo Strike Locations and Rewards
List of Shrine Locations and Obtainable Charms List of Lighthouse Locations and Rewards
List of Pillar of Honor Locations and Rewards List of Haiku Locations and Rewards
List and Benefits of Mongol Items List of Sashimono Banner Locations
Where to Find Singing Crickets List of Record Locations

List of Collectible Locations and Items


Sakai Katana Sakai Tanto
Half Bow Longbow
Blowgun Kunai
Black Powder Bomb Smoke Bomb
Sticky Bomb Wind Chime
Incendiary Oil Firecracker

List of Weapon Locations and Effects


Traveller's Attire Kensei Armor
Ghost Armor Gosaku's Armor
Sakai Clan Armor Ronin Attire
Mongol Commander's Armor Tadayori's Armor
Samurai Clan Armor Hero of Tsushima Armor
Broken Armor Fundoshi

Recommended Armor List


Izuhara Toyotama Kamiagata

List of Maps and Efficient Completion

Character Introduction

Ghost of Tsushima Hajime Sakai (Protagonist) Icon
Jin Sakai (Protagonist)
Ghost of Tsushima Shimura Icon
Ghost of Tsushima Kotung Khan Icon
Khotun Khan
Ghost of Tsushima Yuna
Ghost of Tsushima Taka
Ghost of Tsushima Masako
Ghost of Tsushima Tomoe
Ghost of Tsushima Ryuzo

Character List

Game Introduction for Ghost of Tsushima

A Japanese-style open-world game

Ghost of Tsushima_Open World

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world action-adventure set in medieval Japan, specifically on the island of Tsushima. Explore shrines and villages, and interact with the island's inhabitants while enjoying the beautiful nature and landscapes unique to Japan.

Swordplay action reminiscent of period dramas

Ghost of Tsushima_Combat

The combat in Ghost of Tsushima is reminiscent of the swordplay action seen in period dramas, where you defend and parry enemy attacks while taking them down one by one. Engage in intense one-on-one duels where split-second swordplay determines the outcome. Alternatively, you can adopt a stealth-focused playstyle, eliminating enemies while remaining hidden like a ninja. The choice of playstyle is up to the player.

Synopsis of Ghost of Tsushima's Story

Ghost of Tsushima_Tsushima Army

In the late 13th century, the Mongol Empire (Yuan Dynasty) sought to conquer the Eastern world, trampling over any country that stood in their way.

Leading the massive fleet of the Yuan army, which was organized to invade Japan, was the cold and cunning strategist, Khotun Khan. Khan set foot on Tsushima as a foothold for the invasion.

To prevent this, the samurai of Tsushima gathered together, only to be devastated in their first battle by the unprecedented military tactics of the Yuan army. The island was quickly engulfed in the flames of invasion.
However, there was one samurai who managed to survive.

Jin Sakai.

As the last surviving member of the Sakai clan, Jin is determined to protect the people of Tsushima, even if it means resorting to fighting methods that go against the way of the samurai. As a "Ghost" risen from the underworld, he will use any means necessary to reclaim his homeland from the enemy's grasp.

※Quoted from the official Ghost of Tsushima website

Product Information for Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima_Ghost of Tsushima

Title Ghost of Tsushima
Genre Open World Historical Action Adventure
Platform PlayStation®4 or 5
Release Date July 17, 2020 (Friday)
Retail Price Standard Edition: $60Digital Deluxe Edition: $70
Number of Players 1 player
CERO Rating Z (18 and older only)
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Website Ghost of Tsushima Official Website

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